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In Loving Memory of

12/4/1991 - 7/25/2020

Garrett Foster


Justice for Garrett

This website was created to commemorate the life and memory of Garrett Foster. Garrett Foster was a generous servant of the people. He  lived a life dedicated to doing the most for his friends, family, and community. He was a loving son, veteran, caretaker, and protestor in the struggle against police brutality and racism.​​​​​​​ On July 25th, 2020, Garrett attended a protest in solidarity with protestors in Oregon, who were facing intense police repression. During that night, Daniel Perry drove his car into a crowd of protestors. Concerned with the safety of others, Garrett put himself between the car and hundreds of protestors. In doing so, he was killed that night.  We wish to honor the life and memory of Garrett Foster and to advocate for justice for his family and friends. The man that killed him, Daniel Perry, has yet to be tried in court even after 2 years. Garrett Foster’s story is important for everyone that supports the people's effort to fight oppression, and our right to safety while doing so.

Who was Garrett Foster

Garrett was an Air Force veteran, full-time caretaker of his partner Whitney, and a fixture at the 2020 BLM protests in Austin. Driven by a desire for justice and outrage at the atrocious killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, Garrett and Whitney marched in the streets for nearly 50 days straight, demanding an end to police brutality against black people.


Trial Updates

Daniel Perry was indicted on charges of murder, aggravated assault, and deadly conduct on July 1st, 2021. His trials have yet to come to court and the road to justice for Garrett Foster is still ongoing.

Contact Us

Seeking justice for Garret Foster is an ongoing struggle. If you wish to join the effort/fight for achieving justice for Garrett Foster, his family,
and his friends, contact us at:

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